At La Belle Vie Bakery we address the Epicureans, those of you who have a different relationship with food. Food is not just a commodity.

We bake for those of you who love to sit at a table with friends and loved ones, sharing the food you love, creating beautiful, warm memories ; those of you who are on the quest for these little moments of delight that angels envy us.

Food is the living soul of a culture. It passes from generation to generation. Food is POWERFUL. It teleports you to places and in time. Food is shared. Food is a link between nations, a link between us and the ether. Food is peace. Food is MAGICAL!

We LOVE food at La Belle Vie Bakery and we LOVE people who LOVE food!

That’s  One Bite of Crème Bretonne

“One bite of Crème Bretonne brings me back to that tiny dining room with my Great Grandmother in St Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, Vendée, France.

I was eight years old and I can see her now with her pale skin, red curly hair, lean figure, wearing her long light blue dress with little white flowers. I’m sitting at the table with her and her best friend playing Rami 51, with a full smile on my face, enjoying a great afternoon with my Great Grandmother.

I can even remember the scent of the room, with the outdated tablecloth and the old wooden cabinets.

I can see her garden, the clover beds, the big mimosa tree in flower, that the neighbor wanted her to cut, and the Brugnons trees. I can even feel the hot stones on the path where I’ve been walking barefoot many summers long. I see that wall on which I’ve learned how to play tennis.

My soul evaporates and lingers in these beautiful memories. It feels good.

That’s all in one bite of Crème Bretonne.”


At La Belle Vie Bakery, we are here to share with you our little moments of delight that angels envy us.

We want to teleport you to the places we love, bring you back in time, maybe revive memories of places and times you’ve loved, and create new ones for younger generations.

We are here to share our passion for Bread, Viennoiseries and Food in general and to give you that “Taste of a Wishful Comeback” (le “Goût de Reviens-y” like we say in French).

Welcome to La Belle Vie Bakery & Fine Foods, Arizona.